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所以偶就小小研究了一下 evil

A photo opportunity in front of a giant inflatable sidewalk protest rat across the street from Grand Central Terminal. (Photo: David W. Dunlap/The New York Times)

要到哪家抗議時,就到那家門口擺一隻這種大老鼠 twisted

這邊還有很多,平常看到滴係最上面照片,血紅眼猙獰惡鼠。比起來夫婦兩遇到滴那隻(倒數第三張照片)大概係最「可愛」滴吧 有會刊滴同學仔細比對一下老鼠旁邊滴店面,夫婦倆看到滴確實就是這隻哦 exclaim 不曉得他們係不係剛好打算去旁邊滴 Lana Marks 逛店

Seeing a Rat, and Loving It
New York Times September 8, 2008, 2:30 pm

More than just a symbol of labor grievance, the giant inflatable sidewalk protest rat has apparently also become a symbol of New York City for out-of-town visitors. By and large, it is safe to assume, there’s nothing quite like it back home.

Take this cigar-chomping, money-bag-clutching behemoth, stationed last week in front of the Lincoln Building, across East 42nd Street from Grand Central Terminal.

His handlers — Laborers’ Local 78, on this particular day — intended to convey the message that only responsible contractors ought to be permitted to perform the hazardous work of asbestos removal.

That message, however, seemed entirely incidental to the groups posing for snapshots in front of the rat every couple of minutes. Radek Korek, one of the Local 78 members on the scene, said the creature seemed popular with foreign visitors, especially those from China, where the Year of the Rat is being observed.

A silver-haired businessman in a well-tailored navy-blue suit watched the picture taking scene for a moment before disappearing into the Lincoln Building. “They think it’s part of New York,” he said. “They don’t know.”

Oh, but they do.

Mr. Korek recalled an instance in which a Long Island high school principal had asked the union to move the rat; not as a First Amendment issue but because it scared the suburban school children.

By contrast, he said, “Kids from New York City love the rat.”